Bank of Halons

(1211, 1301, 2402)

As part of our Bank of Halons, we offer you receipt and sale of halons 1211, 1301 and 2402. We also accept contaminated halons for regeneration.

We obtained authorization to collect halons and equipment and products containing them in 2005 by decision of the Minister of the Environment.

Due to the high ozone layer depleting potential, under the Montreal Protocol of 1994, halons are being gradually phased out. We offer you replacement of fire extinguishing devices operating on the basis of halon with fire suppression systems using FE-36™, FM-200® gases and FK-5-1-12 or inert gases. We will advise you, which system to select, we will prepare its design and will deliver and install it in the facility designated by you. During operation of the systems, we will perform the necessary inspections and maintenance. And all of this on a single order or contract for long-term partnership.