Detection and Firefighting Control Systems

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The detection and firefighting control systems are responsible for an early fire detection and initiation of the extinguishing process. Depending on the size and complexity of the extinguishing systems, these tasks are accomplished by fire alarm control panels (FACP) of various types.

Fire detectors are responsible for monitoring of the facility. When the fire is detected, the detectors send a signal to the FACP. The firefighting control process can start only after the activation of two detectors installed in separate detection circuits (coincidence). Such solution is one of the most effective methods to eliminate false alarms. The fire detection signal can be also sent from the START button pressed by a person who has noticed the fire.

When the alarm signal is received and verified, the fire alarm control panel activates the firefighting process. It sends a signal to fixed firefighting equipment which releases the extinguishing medium. During the evacuation time, it is always possible to stop the extinguishing process and block it by pressing the STOP button. The FACP also allows a current control of the firefighting systems condition.

Depending on the size of the protected facility and the complexity of the extinguishing systems, we can distinguish:

  • single-zone FACPs, responsible for supervision and extinguishing in one fire zone;
  • multi-zone FACPs, allowing the firefighting monitoring and control in several fire zones.

The FACPs also allow controlling the external protections such as fire doors and smoke vents, etc. Depending on the programmed alarming variant, the FACP can send an alarm signal to the monitoring station or activate sound or optical-sound alarms if the facility is equipped with the Fire Alarm System.

Our offer

PLISZKA Fire Protection Engineering offers the full range of devices for the fire detection and firefighting control systems, including the full range of fire detectors and FACPs. Thanks to this, we can design and install a system optimally suited to the facility and the fire hazard. We also design and make the fire detection and firefighting control systems for the explosion hazard (EX) areas.

The devices used for the fire detection and firefighting control are certified by the Fire Protection R&D Centre in Józefów and comply with all Polish standards and regulations.