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Our extensive product offer includes fixed gas-based fire suppression systems, used mainly for the protection of server rooms, data processing centres, warehouses of flammable liquids, control rooms, despatching centres, archives and museums, as well as sprinkler systems, water mist systems, and foam systems, intended for the protection of high floor-space buildings. We also provide extinguishing systems for local installation on machinery and individual devices, as well as individualised solutions for the protection of strategic industrial facilities or specific fire threats. We design and construct automated fire detection and signalling systems, fire suppression control systems, and dedicated solutions for explosion hazard zones.

We provide fire protection services including the design, installation, and control of modern fire suppression systems and installations, as well as inspections. maintenance, and certification of all types of fire suppression equipment. The services we offer also include development of plans, updating fire safety and evacuation instructions, and fitting buildings with appropriate signage.