CUG-1x Clean Extinguishing Unit

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The CUG clean extinguishing unit filled with FE-36™ is designed for extinguishing fires of groups A, B and C, and devices under voltage up to 1 kV. As such, it is recommended as a handy firefighting equipment to protect computer and telecommunications equipment, works of art in museums, valuable documents in the archives or reagents in laboratories against fire.

The high efficacy of GUC is provided by the extinguishing agent used – FE-36TM gas (HFC 236 fa – replacement of halon 1211), also known as a clean extinguishing agent. Its properties are the factor distinguishing CUG among the commonly used fire extinguishers. The extinguishing process with FE-36™ gas involves removal of heat from the flames, which completely inhibits the combustion reaction. Its discharge is therefore not associated with a rapid decrease of the temperature, as is the case with carbon dioxide extinguishers using CO2, where the temperature can drop down to -79 °C, thus eliminating the risk of skin exposure to painful and difficult-to-treat frostbite and the risk of permanent damage to electrical and electronic equipment. On the other hand, use of common powder extinguishers involves an enormous dusting, hindering breathing and limiting visibility, and thus escape route for the fire victims. In addition, the powder can keep for a long time in the crevices of the extinguished surfaces, extending the extinguished equipment downtime

CUG Clean Extinguishing Unit is available in capacities of 1, 2, 4 and 6 kg.

Technical parameters for CUG-1x (1kg):

  • gross weight: 2,1 kg
  • height: 320 mm
  • diameter: 85 mm

CUG can be effectively used in temperatures from 0°C till +60 °C.