Bank of HFC

(FE-36TM, FM-200®)

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The Pliszka company is authorised to install, conduct maintenance or service, repair, and liquidate stationary fire suppression systems which make use of controlled substances or fluorinated greenhouse gases, as well as to recover such substances and gases from fixed and portable fire protection systems and extinguishers.

Our F-gas bank offers you pick up and sales of FE-36TM  (HFC-236fa) and FM-200® (HFC-227ea) gases. We also accept contaminated HFC gases for regeneration.

HFC gases are among the most effective extinguishing agents available. Since the removal from their contents of halon, they have been considered equivalent to the environmentally friendly replacements. They do, however, still belong to the group of fluorinated greenhouse gases, the so-called F-gases, which have been implicated in processes of climate change.
The firm actions of the European Union aimed at limiting emissions of substances which are involved in climate change have resulted in among other things the introduction of regulations limiting the emissions and availability of these substances. Despite the fact that the vast majority of harmful emissions are generated by the cooling industry and air-conditioning units, these restrictions also affected the HFC gases used in fire suppression systems.

Therefore, we offer you replacement of devices which use FE-36TM and FM-200® gases for systems based on the use of FK-5-1-12 gas (the chemical name for 3MTM NovecTM 1230) or inert gases. We will advise you on wat kind of system to choose, we will prepare a design, supply equipment and install it at your facility. During exploitation of the system, we can conduct the necessary inspections and maintenance works. All of this can be arranged as part of a single order or agreement for permanent collaboration.