Fire Events Visualization System

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The response time is the key for a successful firefighting operation. Correct information received on time allows making appropriate decisions without an undue delay, before the fire spreads or causes irreparable damage. The fire events visualization system allows a current monitoring of the fire safety.

The fire events visualization system allows a constant monitoring of all safety systems and technical safeguards installed in the facility. It provides a remote feedback about the operation of:

The monitoring is performed via a tablet or PC from any place. The data are visualized graphically and as text at different levels of detail. In case of alarm, the person responsible for monitoring can receive all necessary information immediately. The screen will show, among other things, the event location with hints necessary for correct behaviour in a critical situation.

The visualization of safety systems is useful both during the normal operation of the facility and in an emergency. It allows a daily control of all systems, ensuring their good working order and readiness to detect hazards. In case of alarm, the visualization allows quick decisions to be made, fire hazard or burglary to be located and appropriate scenario to be executed.

Extended fire events visualization systems allow not only the control of safety systems. They also can perform the function of the panel which controls the extinguishing process, activating fixed firefighting equipment and controlling the fire firefighting operation.

In addition, the fire monitoring function allows an alarm signal to be sent to the nearest fire station or the security protecting the facility, so they can respond to the hazard without an undue delay.


Fire events visualization systems are particularly useful in large facilities, covering vast areas. They allow connecting signals from several FACPs to one system and the visualization of their indications on one or more screens which greatly facilitates the facility management. As a result, several systems installed in various buildings can be supervised from a single location.