We offer a full range of services, including in particular maintenance and refurbishment of:

  • portable fire extinguishing equipment, such as extinguishers or extinguishing units,
  • internal and external hydrants, together with testing of water flow capacity and pressure testing of hydrant hoses,
  • fire suppression systems, including gas and sprinkler systems,
  • emergency and evacuation lighting,
  • VACIE (Voice Alarm and Indicating) systems and Voice Announcement systems,
  • fire ventilation systems,
  • access control systems

and all other maintenance and repairs resulting from the existing legislation.

We perform also survey of portable firefighting units, taking contacts with the Office of Technical Inspection upon ourselves.

On your request, we perform tests of the main circuit breaker and other electrical system components.

Our Service is available for you throughout the country, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!