Sprinkler systems

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A sprinkler system is a fixed water system used to extinguish fires of solids and flammable liquids. The system is responsible for an early fire detection and extinguishing or controlling until the arrival of the fire service. The sprinkler system extinguishes fires selectively – the sprinklers are activated only in the fire zone. Water used in the sprinkler system is a generally-available, environmentally-friendly and totally safe extinguishing medium.

Automatic activation

The sprinkler system is activated when the temperature rises above the set threshold.


Connect a tank with a foaming agent to easily modify the sprinkler system into a foam-based extinguishing system.


The firefighting operation takes place only in the fire zone, not the whole facility where the sprinkler system is installed.


Water absorbs the majority of hazardous fire gases, smoke and hazardous substances.

Environmental friendliness

Water is the most natural and generally available extinguishing medium, totally safe for people and the environment.

Structure and operation

A sprinkler system consists of:

  • pump station with a water tank;
  • distributing pressure pipelines;
  • sprinkler substation with control-alarm valves;
  • grid of sprinklers.

There are three main types of sprinkler systems:

  • WET SPRINKLER SYSTEM for standard applications

In a wet sprinkler system, the distributing pipeline is constantly filled with pressurized water. The sprinklers are closed in glass bulbs with a thermally expanding liquid. The bulbs break when the temperature rises as a result of fire, starting the fire extinguishing process. The sprinklers release water which hits the deflector and sprays evenly above the fire.

  • DRY SPRINKLER SYSTEM dedicated to facilities where the temperature constantly or periodically drops below 4°C.

In a dry sprinkler system, the distributing pipeline is filled with compressed air or nitrogen. When the temperature rises, the bulbs break and the sprinklers open. The air pressure drop causes the control-alarm valve to open, filling the pipeline with water which is released through the open sprinklers.

  • DRY PRE-ACTION SPRINKLER SYSTEM for facilities particularly sensitive to water

In order to minimize the risk of sudden water outflow, the distributing pipelines in this sprinkler system type are filled with compressed air, and the fire extinguishing process is activated in two stages: by an external fire detection system and by heat-sensitive glass bulbs in the sprinklers. This minimizes the risk of a sudden water outflow, e.g. as a result of an accidental sprinkler damage.

In each sprinkler system, the water is released only by the sprinklers in which the heat-sensitive glass bulbs has broken. Consequently, the firefighting operation takes place only in the areas where the temperature has risen above the set threshold. This minimizes the water consumption, and the system can be quickly restored to the state of readiness.


The sprinkler systems ensure an effective fire protection for a wide range of new and existing facilities. They are an excellent choice for service and shopping facilities, such as malls, pavilions, large shops, public buildings, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, offices, hotels, or the production and storage facilities, such as logistic centres, factories, high-bay warehouses.

In case of new facilities, it makes sense to ensure the appropriate fire safety and develop the sprinkler system design already at the building design stage. This will allow the individual building elements to be appropriately matched already at the design stage, thus avoiding unforeseen costs at the construction stage or the extension of the project lead-time.

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