Maritime services

Fires of ships are one of the most dangerous accidents at sea and in harbours, so fire protection on board should be extremely effective. Work with us can ensure effective protection against fire of ships, boats, ferries and also sea ports and marinas.

Fire Extinguishing Systems

We perform inspections, maintenance and repair of fixed fire extinguishing systems, including:

  • high and low pressure systems CO2 systems,
  • halon systems filled with NovecTM 1230, Inergen, FM-200® and FE-36TM
  • dry powder systems,
  • foam systems,
  • water mist extinguishing systems.

We design and install fixed fire suppression systems based on CO2, FE-36TM, FM-200®, FK-5-1-12 (chemical name of NovecTM 1230) or inert gases, as well as local foam systems.

We also provide all associated services including hydrostatic testing of pressure vessels and cylinders, refilling cylinders with new agents, analysis of foaming agents, control valve inspections and others.

Portable Extinguishing Equipment

We perform inspections, maintenance and repair of all types of portable fire extinguishers, approved for use in fire protection at sea including:

  • CO2,
  • dry powder,
  • water and foam, portable foam applicators,
  • fire fittings including fire-hoses,
  • adapters and monitors,
  • other fire extinguishing equipment and their accessories.

Safety & LSA Management

We provide a full service of coordination for all Life Saving Appliances and safety equipment maintenance and management. We identify your needs and source approved partners to meet them. We check certificates validity for you and plan interventions.

Rescue Equipment

We offer servicing of the portable emergency equipment and providing new products, necessary to save the life and health in emergencies.
We perform inspections, maintenance and repairs of emergency equipment on vessels:

  • breathing apparatus,
  • escape devices,
  • resuscitators,
  • immersion suits,
  • chemical suits,
  • air compressors,
  • gas detectors.

We also provide full range of associated services related to inspections and maintenance of the rescue equipment, such as hydrostatic testing of pressure vessels and cylinders and their refilling.

In addition, we provide advice, consultancy and training in fire safety.

Our company has the appropriate state licenses and is certified by the following classifications: ABS, Lloyd’s Register, DNV-GL, Bureau Veritas, RINA and PRS – Polish Register of Shipping.

Need a proven service of fire protection system and portable fire-fighting equipment on your ship? Or perhaps you are responsible for the design or execution of complete fire protection on a new vessel? You want to equip the vessel in the LSA and portable rescue equipment or have them inspected or maintained? Call us on: +48 784 692 396 or send an email to: