fire extinguishing system for frying facilities

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FRYCOS is the only fully automated fire detection and extinguishing system in Poland for industrial oil fryers. The system was designed by engineers from the Pliszka company based on technologies for monitoring the temperature of volatile substances, allowing for the rapid detection of fire hazards. Thanks to this, the system eliminates the source of a fire before it becomes a serious threat for the fryer and personnel operating it. The extinguishing agent used in the FRYCOS system – CO2 – effectively extinguishes oil fires while also cooling the affected surface, minimising the risk of a resurgence of fire.


the CO2 extinguishing agent used in the FRYCOS system effectively extinguishes oil fires while simultaneously cooling the surface affected

maximum protection

at the moment a fire is detected, it is possible to automatically cut off power to the device while maintaining operation, thus minimising the risk of any possible damage

minimalization of downtime

carbon dioxide does not enter into a reaction with the heated fats, and after application evaporates, leaving a clean surface

continuity of protection

the “hot reserve” version of the system is switched over to a reserve reservoir immediately after the extinguishing action is completed


all elements of the system are constructed of stainless steel approved for contact with food items or housed in cases made of such material

Manner of operation:

The interior of the frying chamber above the surface of the oil and the waste collection chambers are fitted with temperature sensors or thermocouples. After a defined temperature is exceeded or a fire is detected, the sensor sends the appropriate signal to the control centre. At the moment the signal is received, the control centre initiates the extinguishing process. The reservoirs release the extinguishing agent, which runs along pipelines and is distributed through nozzles to the affected areas. Simultaneously, optical and acoustic signals are set off which inform those present of the initiation of the fire suppression operation.


The FRYCOS system is intended to detect and extinguish fires in oil fryers used in the food industry, including the meat industry or for applications involving the need to fry items in oil at high temperatures. Heated oil presents a serious fire hazard, therefore machinery which uses such oil requires special protection. All sources of fires must be detected and extinguishes at the earliest possible stage.