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The effective fire protection of server rooms and data centres as well as the teleinformation devices housed in them provides the certainty that the sudden appearance of fire will not destabilise of ongoing operations and will not cause serious consequences for the future of the company or institution.

The best solution for the fire protection of entire spaces with large amounts of electronic equipment is the gas-based SafematicTM fire suppression system. Depending on the cubic volume of the space to be protected, we recommend:

  • SafematicTM LP – for spaces up to ~100 m3 (FE-36TM or FK-5-1-12 gas)

  • SafematicTM MP – from ~100 up to ~400 m3 (FM-200® or FK-5-1-12 gas)

  • SafematicTM HP Arnitro – from ~400 up to ~1.000 m3 (inert gases)

The so-called clean extinguishing agents used in these systems means that they do not conduct electricity, and after application evaporate, leaving a clean and dry surface. Gas-based extinguishing agents are the only solution which is completely safe for sensitive electronic equipment. All sources of fire are discovered at the earliest stages by point smoke detectors or aspirating smoke detectors, which are an element of the detection system and fire suppression management systems.

No systems based on wet fire suppression, including water mist systems, are recommended for fire protection in data centres or server rooms. Aerosol particle systems also may be harmful to electronic equipment. The particles can penetrate even the smallest crevices and if not removed within 48 hours may form a corrosive environment.

One preventive system which does not allow fire to appear is inerting. This involves the controlled reduction of oxygen concentration via substitution with an inert gas, thanks to which an non-flammable atmosphere is created. Inerting can be applied in server rooms where people are only sporadically present.

For the local protection of server cabinets, we recommend automatic fire extinguisher installed directly onto the device to be protected, such as the FRS-RACK®2 Extinguishin Panel or the ALS Active Automatic Fire Extinguishing Line.

Thanks to our extensive experience, engineering knowledge, and comprehensive product offer, we are able to design and install effective fire protection systems which are optimally suited to the characteristics of a given server room or data centre.

Do you want to select the best fire protection solution for your data processing centre or server room? Do you need a design for a fire protection installation or execution of a previously designed solution? Call us on: +48 784 692 396 or send an email to: