Deluge systems

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A deluge system is a fixed water-based firefighting device, a perfect choice for facilities where the fire can spread rapidly or cooling is required. An essential part of the deluge system is the fire detection system which activates the firefighting operation.

Modular design

The facility can be divided into sections, which will limit the system operation only to the fire zone.


Add a tank with a foaming agent to the drencher system to get a foam-based extinguishing system.

Environmental friendliness

Water is a natural extinguishing medium, totally safe for people and the environment.


Water absorbs the majority of hazardous combustion products, limits the amount of smoke and poisonous gases.

Structure and operation

A deluge system consists of:

  • pump station with a water tank;
  • distributing pressure pipelines;
  • valve station with control-alarm valves;
  • distributing pipelines;
  • grid of sprinklers.

The sprinklers are of open construction, so the deluge system is dry with distributing pipeline filled with air.

The deluge system is always accompanied by the fire alarm system which detects the fire at its earliest stage and activates the firefighting operation. When the fire is detected by the detection circuit, the control-alarm vale opens and water flows through the distributing pipeline to the section of sprinkler where the fire has been detected. The fire alarm is sent immediately, and the deluge system can be activated electronically, pneumatically, hydraulically or manually.

The fire is extinguished by heat absorption, cooling of the burning material and cutting off the oxygen by the steam which is generated.


The deluge systems allow an effective extinguishing of group A and B fires. They are used for fire protection of outdoor industrial facilities, e.g. in refineries, CHPs, gasworks, landfills, or as the cooling systems for tanks and non-mechanical and non-electrical equipment. The deluge systems are particularly recommended as an active fire protection in facilities where the fire can spread rapidly (e.g. papermaking machines) or cooling is required during the fire (e.g. flammable liquid tanks, transformer stations).

Our offer

Pliszka offers the full range of deluge-related services. We design deluge systems, with full execution and as-built documentation. We carry out installation, run tests and provide the servicing of deluge systems.