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We are a national leader in active fire prevention, involving automatic gaseous fire suppression systems, installation of sprinkler systems, water mist systems, foam systems, and automatic fire systems.

We never cease searching for and implementing the newest solutions and technologies, constantly playing an active role in defining the fire safety market in Poland and abroad.

Polish engineering ideas


Our lengthy experience and team of highly specialised staff have allowed us to develop unique know-how in active fire prevention systems.

As the only company in Poland, we have developed and implemented our own proprietary fire extinguishing systems which our engineers are constantly improving and expanding based on the latest technologies.

30 years of experience


For 30 years we have been delivering safety to our clients, providing services in the design, installation, and monitoring of fixed firefighting systems and fire safety installations, conducting inspections, maintenance, renovations, and legalisation of all types of fire safety systems.

For several years, we have also been successfully operating in markets outside of Poland.

We offer the optimum solutions


We use the latest technologies and offer a broad range of services and fire safety systems and fixed firefighting systems, which allows us to provide comprehensive fire prevention even in highly demanding investments, and allows us to customise the fire safety solutions we offer to perfectly match the client’s needs.

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