It is worth helping

The events of recent weeks have triggered an avalanche of assistance, which is coming in a broad manner from every corner of our country. We are also making attempts to provide the necessary help:

  • We support the Gdańsk Helps Ukraine campaign on an ongoing basis. Our employees help with sorting of donations and aid measures gathered in the official warehouse of Gdansk helps Ukraine action in the Gdansk stadium. We also support organising a transport of these goods to assistance points in Gdansk, where refugees from Ukraine found shelter.
  • In response to the appeal of the Lviv City Council, we have donated fire extinguishers to protect the monuments of Lviv, including religious buildings, museums and archives, from possible fires.
  • We have organised a collection of donations for children from the Ukrainian orphanages among our employees upon the request of the We Are with You Foundation and the Pomeranian Employers. At the beginning of March, we handed over cartons with necessary clothing, hygiene products and foodstuff to the organisers of the collection. Among the donations there were also treats and toys – we hope that they will make the children’s stay in our country even more pleasant.
  • On our website, there are also job offers available for the Ukrainian citizens – in most cases, however, a communicative knowledge of Polish is required.

We believe that any help, no matter how small, is valuable. It really is worth helping!