Access Control Systems

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We design and install the access control systems – the security systems being the most frequently installed in many companies and institutions. Their basic purpose is to protect property and life and health of people residing in the protected rooms or buildings. They allow limiting access of unauthorized people to the selected rooms or areas of a building. They also enable visualisation of threats within a facility.

An access control system consists of a number of interoperable devices, such as electronic code locks, proximity or biometric readers, for people identification and access limitation to the protected area. It can be freely extended and configured, so as to optimally satisfy the specific functional and quantitative requirements of the facility to be protected.

Due to the possibility of storage of data on people movements within a facility, the access control system can efficiently operate with the work time registration systems. In case of emergency evacuation, the system allows quick access to data on number of people present in individual rooms and areas of the facility.