Fire Alarm Systems

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We offer fully automated Fire Alarm Systems for fire detection, announcement of alarm condition and sending alarm signal to the personnel and fire-fighting unit. We develop complete projects, perform professional installation and take care of proper maintenance of the Fire Alarm Systems in your facilities. Also, we prepare complete as-built documentation.

Currently, we offer the Fire Alarm Systems only made by the reputable manufacturers. Each Fire Alarm System includes:

  • smoke detectors for detection of smoke occurring on the first stage of a fire;
  • manual callpoints for manual activation of the Fire Alarm System by anybody who noticed the fire. They are located in passageways;
  • fire panel for detection and signalling of fire hazard after receiving information from the associated detectors and callpoints;
  • firefighting control buttons, enabling manual activation, hold-up and ending of the firefighting action;
  • signalling devices for optical and acoustic warning on the commencement of firefighting action and release of fire extinguishing agent.

On demand, we can connect the fire signalling system with such additional equipment as voice announcement systems, smoke exhaust dampers or fire doors.