FOGTEC Water Mist Systems

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FOGTEC water mist systems fight fires using smallest droplets of pure water. By atomising water, the reaction surface area of the water is increased by more than 200-fold compared to the one of a conventional sprinkler.  FOGTEC is leading in high pressure water mist technology

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Shorter downtimes

No pre-warning times. The minimal water consumption significantly reduces water damages.

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No problems with hydraulic pressure losses with greater heights and larger distances. Minimum space requirements.

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Better cooling effect

The atomisation of water generates a massive reaction surface area and therefore results into extremely efficient cooling. Energy is withdrawn from the fire rapidly.

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Environmentally friendly and sustainable

No danger for people and environment.

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Better shielding against radiated heat

Effective water mist shields can be generated for persons escaping from the fire and rescue teams as well as for components, wall openings, facades, etc.

FOGTEC systems fight fires with pure water which is atomised at pressures ranging from 60 to 200 bar. Tiny droplets are produced, that comply with NFPA 750 Class I, increasing the surface area of the water used a hundredfold when compared with a conventional sprinkler system. Two unique effects, with a unique impact, then occur:

  • the intensive cooling effect in the entire area surrounding the fire,
  • the localised oxygen displacement effect right at the source of the fire.

These two effects combined mean that the energy of the fire is depleted much faster than it is the case with other fire fighting systems. At the same time, people and assets are protected from the effects of heat and water damage.

FOGTEC misting systems are optimised for the relevant application in terms of droplet sizes used. As a result, the water mist systems are particularly effective and require only very small quantities of water, meaning the system components, including pipes and pumps, have a very small overall construction size.

Water mist nozzles

The heart of every FOGTEC system are special water mist nozzles. Water is atomised via nozzle outlets, permitting variation of the spray pattern (spray angle), fl ow rate and droplet distribution according to the specifi c application. Depending on the system, open nozzles or glass bulb nozzles, similar to those of a sprinkler system, can be used.

Where activation is triggered via a fire detection system, a system with open nozzles is used, with an empty and therefore dry pipe system. In wet systems, glass bulb nozzles are used with wet piping. Pre-action systems are also possible in combination with a fi redetection system. A range of different nozzle types is available, for example concealed nozzles.


FOGTEC system types

Wet systems

In wet pipe systems, the pipework is permanently filled with water and kept at a standby pressure with a pressure-maintaining device (jockey pump). Wet systems have automatic glass bulb activated nozzles as fire detection devices and the pipework is permanently closed by a closing mechanism in the nozzle. In the case of fire, the glass bulb breaks when a defined temperature is reached which activates the water flow through the nozzle. These systems operate independently from an external activation means by a related drop of the standby pressure once a glass bulb is thermally activated. This causes the high-pressure pump unit to be activated. Water discharges only from the nozzle being activated. This system is dimensioned for an operational area which is defined by the fire hazard and the evacuation conditions.

Pre-action systems

Pre-action systems are dry systems which are used in combination with an external fire detection system. These systems are used in watersensitive areas where the risk of an unexpected discharge must be further reduced. In the case of fire detection in a section, the corresponding pre-action section valve is opened by the fire alarm system and the high-pressure pump is started. This causes the pipework in the respective section to be filled with water even before any automatic nozzles are activated. Only by the additional activation of automatic nozzles by the heat of the fire, water is discharged in the respective area. Pre-action systems are also dimensioned using an effective area of operation which is defined by the fire hazard and the evacuation conditions.

Deluge systems

Deluge systems use open nozzles. The pipework between the pump or the cylinder unit or the section valve up to the nozzles is kept dry. Deluge systems always need an external activation means to operate. When the system receives a start signal e.g. by an external fire detection system, the pump or cylinder system is activated, the pipework is filled with water which finally discharges through all nozzles in the respective section. Deluge systems are designed to operate all nozzles in a pre-defined area at once.

FOGTEC cylinder units

FOGTEC cylinder units have a similar structure to gas extinguishing systems and are activated in a similar way. Cylinder units comprise separate cylinders for water and nitrogen, which are interconnected via a manifold. When triggered, all water cylinders are pressurized to 200 bar with nitrogen, continuously dropping in pressure.

Water mist application

High pressure water mist can be succesfully used in

  • buildings, like hotels, hospitals, archives, museums, libraries, office buildings,
  • industries – as as local or volume protection – engine test cells, CNC machinery and hydraulic presses, paint shops / coating lines, storage or production of flammable liquids, turbines and generators, power stations, cable tunnels and ducts),
  • others, like clean rooms and laboratories, tunnel systems, metro and underground rail stations, ships and offshore oil platforms.

Our offer

Pliszka offers the full range of water mist-related services. We design water mist systems, with full execution and as-built documentation. We carry out installation, run tests and provide the servicing of water mist systems.