ALS Active Automatic Fire Extinguishing Line

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The ALS Active Automatic Fire Extinguishing Line is a fully automated extinguishing system intended for localised protection of machinery and devices. Thanks to its size, it is perfect as an interior protection system for electronic, electric, and mechanical devices. The system was designed to be as close as possible to the potential source of fire.

Speed of operation

The pressurised cable, threaded through the space or device to be protected, allows for the detection and suppression of flames at their earliest stage.

Effective extinguishing

The extinguishing agents used are selected for optimal performance with the type of device to be protected.


The system is independent of external power sources, is not sensitive to moisture, dust or severe air circulation.

Flexibility of the system

The size of the reservoirs, length of the cable, and type of extinguishing agent are always adapted to the size and type of space/device to be protected.

Manner of operation:

The essence of the operation of the ALS Active Automatic Fire Extinguishing Line is a heat detector in the pressurized flexi-tube. This sensor tubing is connected to the extinguishing agent reservoir. Evenly distributed throughout the interior of the machinery protected, this forms a network which bursts when overheated or ignited. The burst causes the immediate initiation of the extinguishing process.

Cylinder with extinguishing agent
Sensor tubing
ALS render

In the standard version of the ALS, the sensor tubing is filled with the extinguishing agent. In the place where the flexi-tube is overheated, it bursts and automatically sprays the extinguishing agent in the direction of the fire. This version of the ALS provides localised fire suppression, which is why it is recommended for protection of machinery or devices of moderate size.

In the ALS PRO version, the sensor tubing only plays a detector function. When it bursts, it causes a drop in pressure which is recognised by an electromagnetic valve as a signal to release the extinguishing agent from the reservoir. Next, the agent is distributed via a pipeline to nozzles which release is local inside the machinery. This solution allows for the precise application of the agent to the desired place and effectively protects the entire space. The ALS PRO version is recommended for the protection of machinery or devices of large sizes.

The ALS Active Automatic Fire Extinguishing Line can make use of FE-36TM gas, FK-5-1-12 gas, CO2, foaming agents, or powder as the extinguishing agent. The type of agent is selected depending on the type of device to be protected and on the fire hazards present.


The ALS Active Automatic Fire Extinguishing Line is intended for the protection of machinery and devices requiring effective local protection. Thanks to its moderate size, it is perfect for the localised protection of electronic, electric, and mechanical machinery and devices. It effectively provides protection for technical cabinets, racks, electrical switches, machinery and devices used in industrial production and mining as well as in the combustion chambers of vehicles.