Fixed Fire Extinguishing System based on inert gases

IG-01, IG -100, IG-55 and IG-541
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The SAFEMATICTM HP Arnitro Fixed Fire Extinguishing System is a high-pressure, fully automated extinguishing system intended for the protection of confined spaces with a high cubic volume. The SAFEMATICTM HP Arnitro makes use of inert gases, which is why it is completely safe for people, the environment, and sensitive electronic devices.

Speed and effectiveness

The complete extinguishing of the fire takes place within a mere 60 or 120 seconds of its detection.


The sue of constant flow valves prevents violent discharge, reducing the risk that the area affected will be damaged by the excessive pressure.


The pressure regulators make it possible to use low pressure cylinders and piping systems which are more cost-effective and simpler to install.

Full control

The system can be fitted with a manual control option - using START/STOP EXTINGUISHING buttons or using a manual release switch installed on the cylinder valve.

Environmental friendly

Inert gases are of natural origin, meaning that they are completely safe for people and the environment.

Manner of operation:

The SAFEMATICTM HP Arnitro consists of 80l or 140l cylinders in which an inert gas is stored at a pressure of 200 or 300 bar. The cylinders are fitted with constant flow pressure regulators which cause the pressure to drop during outflow to a steady 60 bar.

The SAFEMATICTM HP Arnitro fixed fire suppression system is initiated automatically at an early stage of the fire by the detection and control system and automated fire detection. After a hazard has been detected and appropriately confirmed by the sensors, the automated fire extinguishing process is begun. The cylinders release a gas which is spread via dosing nozzles to the interior of the space. Simultaneously, appropriate visual and sound signalling is initiated to inform those present that an extinguishing operation is under way.


The SAFEMATICTM HP Arnitro system effectively extinguishes class A, B, and C fires in confined spaces by completely filling them with inert gas. The system works best in spaces with a volume of from 400 m3 to 1000 m3, in particular in data centres, control rooms, server rooms and despatching stations, control stations, high-voltage switching stations, hazardous materials and flammable liquids storage areas, laboratories, museums, archives, art galleries, and everywhere that the use of water-, powder-, or foam-based extinguishing systems would risk causing irreparable material losses and damage to public image or would interfere with running operations.