Foam installations

Extinguishing systems with light, medium and heavy foam

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The foam-based systems are automatic extinguishing systems used in case of fire hazard of inter alia flammable liquids such as oils, alcohols, gasoline, chemical substances or paints. The foam is generated by mixing of the AFFF concentrate with water and by subsequent mechanical aeration. Depending on the fire hazards, the foam-based system can generate heavy, medium or light foam.

Quick and effective firefighting

The fire is neutralized and re-ignition is prevented.

Low firefighting costs

Does not cause additional damage; after the firefighting, it suffices to remove the foam.


Selection of foam type (heavy/light) and foam flowrate.

Environmental friendliness

The AFFF concentrate is biodegradable, and the quick covering of burning materials with foam reduces the amount of toxic substances generated during the combustion.

Structure and operation

A foam-based system consists of:

  • pump station with a water tank;
  • tank with foaming agent concentrate;
  • proportioner;
  • distributing pressure pipelines;
  • substation with control-alarm valves;
  • distributing pipelines;
  • foam generators.

When the firefighting starts, the AFFF concentrate is mixed with water in the proportioner. This device is responsible for maintaining constant pressure of the foaming agent in the system. Then, the mixture flows through the distributing pipeline to a section where the fire has been detected. In  foam generators, the foaming agent is mechanically aerated and is released onto the burning objects as foam.

The foam-based system can be designed and made to generate light, medium or heavy foam. Light foam totally fills large facilities, such as production or storage areas, in a very short time. Heavy foam, on the other hand, forms a film of the surface of the burning materials, cutting off the oxygen supply and reducing the temperature. Heavy foam is used mainly to extinguish burning liquids, such as gasoline or solvents.

In facilities with foam-based systems, the fire is detected by an external system. The fire alarm is sent immediately, and the foam system can be activated electronically, pneumatically, hydraulically or manually.


The foam-based systems are used for fire protection of production, technological and conveying lines, as well as warehouses and storage areas with flammable liquids and synthetic products. They effectively protect, amongst others, chemicals storage facilities, flammable substances tanks, fuel depots, transhipment terminals, aircraft hangars, waste incineration plants or tyre storage yards. The foaming agent is recommended for A and B group fires, with exclusion of live electrical systems and equipment.

Our offer

Pliszka offers the full range of foam-based systems related services, such as designing (with full execution and as-built documentation), installation, run tests and servicing of foam-based systems.