foam solutions for helicopter landing pads

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The HELIGUARD foam station is the only prefabricated system in Poland dedicated for the extinguishing of fires at helicopter landing pads using heavy foam. The station can be adapted for manual use by personnel at the site. All of its elements are housed in a stainless steel cabinet, allowing for easy transport and rapid installation of the foam station at its intended destination.


The use of a 20-metre hose allows firefighting personnel to precisely reach the fire area

rapid installation

to prepare a station for operation, it is sufficient to permanently attach the cabinet to the substrate and connect it to the local hydrant network


the fittings of the station and its parameters can be easily modified, depending on the needs of the landing pad in question and customer preferences


all elements of the foam station are mounted in a stainless steel case

Manner of operation:

At the moment that fire appears, the flow-through valve to the reservoir containing the fire extinguishing agent and the hydrant valve to the hose should be opened, and next the hose should be unrolled from the winder and aimed at the fire. The initiate the fire extinguishing process, it is sufficient to simply open the valve located on the nozzle so that a stream of heavy foam or water jets out.


The HELIGUARD foam station is intended for the protection of helicopter landing pads both on land and on offshore drilling platforms or seagoing units. The Aquafilm AF-3S extinguishing agent used in the system effectively controls group A and B fires, including those involving flammable liquids such as aviation fuel.