Facility marking

We provide professional and in line with current requirements of fire safety regulations, the marking of your buildings, electronic devices, machines and motor vehicles with information and warning signs. Entrusting us fire protection of your property, you can be assured that we will take into account all details of the protected facility and make every legal formalities.

As part of our services, we will develop for you:

  • fire safety instructions and their updates, 
  • evacuation plans,
  • fire and evacuation scenarios and other required documents.

Based on the prepared documents or reported demand, we will provide you with:

  • evacuation and fire safety signs,
  • emergency and safety lighting luminaires,
  • central monitoring systems,
  • boards for electric equipment.

We also provide carrying out specific studies by experts.

In the case of construction projects, we comprehensively take care of the commissioning carried by authorized institutions. We will also maintain the facility logbooks for you in compliance with the Construction Law.