chemical name for NOVECTM 1230

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FK-5-1-12 (chemical name for NOVECTM 1230) is a colourless liquid extinguishing agent with a delicate odour. Being anhydrous, it does not conduct electricity and does not cause corrosion. Contrary to carbon dioxide, it does not cause a thermal shock to the facilities being extinguished. It evaporates after use, leaving no residues. Is totally safe for people and the environment.

It is appropriate for extinguishing group A, B and C fires, including live electrical equipment.

During the extinguishing, the FK-5-1-12 is released as gas. The extinguishing process involves the removal of thermal energy from the flames which totally stops the combustion and prevents further ignition.

FK-5-1-12 design concentration: 4,5-5,9 %.

Ecological properties:

  • NOAEL: 10 %
  • LOAEL: >10 %
  • ODP (ozone depletion potential):  0
  • GWP (global warming potential): 1