FRS-RACK®2 Extinguishing Panel

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The FRS-RACK®2 Extinguishing Panel is a fully automated extinguishing device with a height of 1U, created with the complete and direct fire protection of sensitive electronic devices housed in 19“ racks in mind.

panel construction

single, monolithic 19`` panel construction with a height of 1U, optimally adapted for use with 19`` racks


extinguishing using FK-5-1-12 gas, guaranteeing the effective and full protection of sensitive electronic devices

constant control

external visualisation of the extinguishing process via diodes and a manometer indicator, allowing for constant control of system operation

Zdalne zarządzanie
remote surveillance

possibility of remote surveillance of the operation of the panel from a web browser via an external monitoring system or dedicated module

Manner of operation:

The FRS-RACK®2 consists of a fire extinguishing module, a power module, and a fully-equipped, automated fire detection system, fire suppression control, real-time analysis of feedback signals and the appropriate communication of these signals.

The smoke detector mounted in the FRS-RACK®2 continuously analyses air clarity. At the moment that smoke is detected, the sensor sends a signal to the control panel, initiating the extinguishing process. The reservoir releases gas, which is pumped through a hermetically sealed system of pipes, and electromagnetic valve, and a nozzle, spraying a pressurised stream throughout the interior of the protected rack. Simultaneously, the appropriate acoustic and visual signalling is initiated using LED diodes located on the front of the rack panel which inform those present of the initiation of the extinguishing operation.

The control system monitors operation both during the detection phase and during extinguishing operations. A unique system of LED diodes indicators on the front wall of the rack provides the user with full control during the entire operation of the device.

The effectiveness of the FRS-RACK®2 Extinguishing Panel is guaranteed by FK-5-1-12 gas (the chemical name for NovecTM 1230).


The FRS-RACK®2 Extinguishing Panel is intended for the detection and extinguishing of fires and control of the extinguishing process in 19“racks, in particular in those used in telecommunications, server rooms, and control rooms with a volume of up to 3m3. The system provides comprehensive fire protection by filling the entire affected area with an extinguishing agent. It effectively extinguishes group A, B and C fires, including those involving electric devices with a voltage of up to 1kV.