We played for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity!

If you measure our participation in the Grand Finale of the 28th Annual Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity by the amount which was gathered in our donation boxes or by the number of extinguishers used in our fire suppression demonstrations, then on the 12th of January our stand was one of the most popular at the event venue, the European Solidarity Center in Gdańsk. Our collection boxes for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity were filled to the brim, and we used as many foam fire extinguishers as would be necessary to extinguish a fire of more than 3500 litres of oil or a single storey of a burning office building.

Our stand was visited by entire families. Our simulated fires were extinguished by the young and the old, some with more care and others with more gusto. Before beginning, every participant was trained in correct procedures for using the fire extinguisher and fire suppression technique. All those who successfully extinguished the fire were rewarded with a diploma and a Little Firefighter badge. We also organised a fire safety test which we distributed to adults so that they could check whether their homes are well protected from fire. We also taught principles of correct evacuation in case of fire. Our suggestions were met with great enthusiasm and interest and audience members did their best to remember everything. One never knows when this kind of information will come in handy, and it’s always a good idea to be prepared.

However, the most important thing was that were helped collect funds to ensure the highest standard of diagnostics and treatment in childhood surgical procedures, in lie with the mission of the WOŚP charity organisation. Our collection box generated 1365.01 PLN plus a small amount of foreign currency. Many thanks to all present!